Tenth Early Hindi / Braj Bhasha Workshop 2023

Organized by the Department of Languages and Cultures, Ghent University
Organizer: Biljana Zrnic
Members of the organizing committee: Imre Bangha, Richard Williams, Dhurjjati Sarma, Ishan Chakrabarti


Last on campus Braj workshop in St-Petersburg, 2019

The Department of Languages and Cultures (Ghent University) is organizing the tenth Early Hindi / Braj Bhasha Workshop. The workshop will take place from 15-25 July 2023 on Brijuni (one of the National Parks of Croatia, located near the city of Pula). Leading experts from India, Europe, and America will present and examine with the global readership early modern Hindi texts composed between the 16th and 19th centuries and discuss challenges of interpretation, variations, and other aspects of the texts. Academics and students with a solid foundation in Brajbhasha or another form of early Hindi, and familiarity with essential grammatical terminology in English or Hindi, are welcome to join.

Bed and breakfast rates for Rooms Karmen on Veliki Brijun:
Shared double room – 54 EUR
Single room – 75 EUR
If you plan to come with your family members:
Double room 2 + 1 (park view) – 107 EUR
Double room 2 + 1 (sea view) – 119 EUR
Optional dinner costs 22 EUR. Meals will be served in the hotel Neptun (situated just next to Rooms Karmen). There are other restaurants nearby.
Rooms Karmen do not have WiFi. For internet access, it is advisable to use the seminar room or buy an internet SIM card.
Arriving to Brijuni:
1. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, located only 13 km from Brijuni. Transfer from the Pula Airport to the hotel (and vice-versa) is free of charge.
2. Another option is to book a flight to Zagreb, then take another flight Zagreb-Pula or take a bus Zagreb-Pula at the central bus station in Zagreb (duration by bus Zagreb-Pula is ca 4 hours). Transfer from Pula central bus station to the hotel (and vice-versa) is free of charge.
3. If arriving from Italy, take a bus Trieste-Pula (duration 2 hours) or a ferry from Venice to Pula (duration ca 3 hours and 30 min).
The island can be reached by the national park boat (duration 15 minutes). For hotel guests, transfer from the island to the coast (and vice-versa) is free of charge for the whole stay.

Sessions will be held in the seminar room of the hotel Neptun. The seminar room is free of charge.
There will be two sessions in the morning and one in the afternoon (90 min per session). The afternoon sessions will be in a hybrid format, with participants worldwide joining remotely. Prof. Eva De Clercq, Prof. Swapna Sharma, Prof. Heidi Pauwels, Prof. Imre Bangha, Prof. Dalpat Rajpurohit, Prof. Devendra Sharma, Prof. Yogesh Pratap Shekhar, Prof. Robin Rinehart, Prof. Biljana Zrnic are among the session leaders.
Doctoral students working on a particular text who would like to conduct a session are welcome to contact biljana.zrnic@UGent.be
There will be three excursions (Veliki Brijun tour by small electric train, Pula walking tour, and visit to the city of Rovinj), each costing up to 30 EUR.

Croatia is a member of the Schengen area. The currency in Croatia is the euro.

A 10-40 EUR voluntary donation is suggested to help scholars from India attend the workshop.

Taking screenshots or recording the sessions is not allowed.

To register, send an email to biljana.zrnic@UGent.be

Lecture Series and Certificate course: Religious Traditions of India

8 March – 17 May 2023, on Wednesdays at 7:30, hybrid or online

In this lecture series, specialists in different aspects of Indian religious and philosophical traditions introduce their innovative research and insights. The lectures deal with different traditions that originated or further developed in the South Asian region (Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism) and touch upon historical as well as contemporary developments. Together, these nine talks provide an overview of the unique religious and cultural diversity as well as the depth of philosophical enquiry that typify the South Asian region.

Full programme

Lecture series versus Certificate course

All lectures are offered separately and without evaluation in the lecture series. In this case, you only attend the lectures and you get a certificate of attendance. Registration is required.

If you register for the certificate course, it means you take part in the evaluation and you will obtain a certificate. You can’t choose separate lectures in this case, you always register for the complete programme.


Questions or problems, please email humanitiesacademie@ugent.be

Organized by South Asia Network Ghent and Humanities Academy

Online English master

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