India at Ghent University

Are you open to other cultures? Are you curious about other religions and ways of thinking, and enjoy pushing your boundaries? Have you already been introduced to India and would like to get to know this intriguing country better? Does being able to read fascinating stories in Sanskrit or communicate in Hindi appeal to you? Then the program “Oriental Languages and Cultures – majoring in India” is your home. Here begins an exploration of India in all its diversity.

The graduate program in India aims to form people who can bridge the gap between East and West. After all, since India occupies an important place in world affairs today, people familiar with Indian languages and cultures are indispensable in the professional world. We therefore offer a varied program founded on a broad knowledge of language, culture and history, approached with a critical spirit and attention to interculturalism.

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As from 2021 we also offer a Master’s degree option fully online and in English!

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