Eleventh Early Hindi / Brajbhasha Workshop 2024

Co-organised by the Department of Asia, Africa and Mediterranean, L’Orientale University (Naples) and the Department of Languages and Cultures, Ghent University.
Organisers: Stefania Cavaliere and Rosina Pastore.

The workshop will take place on 10-20 July 2024 in Procida, an island in the Gulf of Naples (Italy), at the Procida School for Higher Education.

Leading experts from India, Europe, and America will present and examine with the global readership early modern Hindi texts composed between the 16th and 19th centuries and discuss challenges of interpretation, variations, and other aspects of the texts. Academics and students with a solid foundation in Brajbhasha or another form of early Hindi, and familiarity with essential grammatical terminology in English or Hindi, are welcome to join.

The afternoon sessions of the workshop will be held in hybrid mode.


“A Gathering of Holy Men of Different Faiths”, Mir Kalan Khan, ca. 1770–75




July 10, Wednesday

16:30 Welcome session lead by Imre Bangha

  • Welcome party


July 11, Thursday

9:30-11 Monika Horstmann, Prithīnāth

11:30-13 Heidi Pauwels, poems by Nāgarīdās and Rasikbihārī

14:30-16 Anne Murphy, Hir-Waris Shah

  • Boat trip to Procida


July 12, Friday

9:30-11 Jaroslav Strnad, Kabir

11:30-13 Monika Horstmann, Prithīnāth

14:30-16 Imre Bangha & Philip Lutgendorf, Kavitāvalī (online) 


July 13, Saturday

9:30-11 Monika Horstmann, Prithīnāth

11:30-13 Heidi Pauwels, Kabir selections by Bhisham Sahni

14:30-16 Imre Bangha & Philip Lutgendorf, Kavitāvalī (online)


July 14, Sunday

9:30-11 Jaroslav Strnad, Kabir

11:30-13 Anne Murphy, Hir-Waris Shah

14:30-16 Richard Williams, Bhīmvilās by Kisnā Āṛhā


July 15, Monday

9:30-11 Richard Williams, Bhīmvilās by Kisnā Āṛhā

11:30-13 Eva De Clerq, Paümacariu, apabhraṃśa

14:30-16 Stefania Cavaliere and Giuseppe Cappello, Bhāṣā Yogavāsiṣṭhasāra


 July 16, Tuesday

  • Trip to Pompeii


July 17, Wednesday

9:30-11 Hanuman Prasad Shukla, tbc

11:30-13 Eva De Clerq, Paümacariu, apabhraṃśa

14:30-16 Rosina Pastore, the Ānandavilāsa by Jasvant Singh


July 18, Thursday

9:30-11 Rosina Pastore, Savaiyās by Jasvant Singh

11:30-13 Yogesh Pratap Shekhar, Barvai Nāyikābhed by Rahīm

  • Trip to Ischia


July 19, Friday

9:30-11 Yogesh Pratap Shekhar, Barvai Nāyikābhed by Rahīm

11:30-13 Annalisa Bocchetti, Citrāvalī

  • Farewell dinner 


July 20, Saturday

9:30-11 Closing session chaired by Hanuman Prasad Shukla

Taking screenshots or recording the sessions is not allowed.

For more info, email to rosina.pastore@ugent.be