Religious Foundations: Recent Research on Built Environments in South Asia | online lecture series from 29 Feb to 16 May

Religious Foundations: Recent Research on Built Environments in South Asia is the new online lecture series organised by South Asian Network Ghent.

We will delve into the intricate relationship between religion and the built environment in South Asia. Throughout six lectures, scholars from different disciplines will examine the religious diversity of this region and unravel how these diverse groups have influenced architecture, spatial organisation, and the urban landscape. The series aims to foster a nuanced understanding of how religion, as a fundamental aspect of South Asian societies, has shaped and reshaped the built environment, forging an enduring bond between faith and architecture from antiquity to the present.

All the lectures will take place on Thursdays at 4pm CET.

Programme and registration links

29/02Saarthak Singh (Ghent University), Temple urbanism in North India: case studies from medieval Malwa, 10th-13th centuries


14/03Vera Lazzaretti (ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon), The Kashi Vishvanath Dham in Banaras: a tale of contorted heritage-making and insecurities in new India


28/03Shalin Jain (Delhi University), Making places and claiming cpaces: Jain religious architecture in medieval Gujarat–3hA


18/04Elora Tribedy (Nalanda University), Crossing the Ocean of Fear: unveiling monastic foundations and medieval transformations of the cult of Tārā in India


02/05Roshan Mishra (Taragaon Museum), Reclaiming Nepal’s heritage


16/05Sara Mondini (Ghent University), Transforming architectural vocabularies, reshaping religious identities: the impact of modern Muslim patronage on the urban landscape of Kerala