Master’s degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures (India)

Ghent University offers a two-year Master of Arts program to train experts in South Asian Languages and Cultures.

The program consists of four units (30 ECTS each):

  1. subject-specific courses
  2. professionalisation
  3. internationalisation
  4. master’s dissertation.

Subject-specific “Indological” courses (all in English)

These include four modular courses of “Language, text and context” (4×6 ECTS). A special focus in these courses is on Jainism. In addition to discussing Sanskrit and Hindi (Jain) texts, the courses offer an introduction to Prakrit, Apabhramsha and varieties of (Old) Hindi.

This unit also includes the “Culture in Perspective” course, in which students are introduced to current research.


Students must select one out of four tracks: (a) Society and Diversity; (b) Political and Social Sciences; (c) Economics and Business Administration and (d) Academic Proficiency.

The track (d) Academic Proficiency (in English)  is research-oriented, and designed for students with an excellent GPA, who envisage a career in academia.

This unit also includes an internship.


Students have the option of spending a semester at one of our partner institutes in India or elsewhere in Europe (through Erasmus). For those prefering to stay in Ghent, there is an Internationalisation@Home option.

Master’s dissertation

Under the guidance of the faculty and researchers, students write their dissertation.

NEW: Online track

From 2021-2022 onwards, we offer the research-oriented track of the Master’s degree fully online. Why not have a look at our online MA brochure?