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Friday, December 21st  

Belgian Indology Day Celebrating Pr.Dr.Adriaan Scharpé

Ghent University

Rozier 44, Magnel Wing, Library Lab II


9.00 – Eva De Clercq & Marie-Hélène Gorisse Opening words on Adriaan Scharpé’s work

9.30 – Christophe Vielle On the history of Indology in Belgium

10.00 – Sander Hens Connecting (hi)stories: North-Indian historical literature (ca. 1200–1500) from a global perspective

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 – Ann Heirman How to deal with dangerous and annoying animals: a vinaya perspective

11.30 – Simon Winant Echoes of Vyāsa in the Pāṇḍavacarita of Devaprabhasūri

12.00 – Saartje Verbeke Some Linguistic Features of the Old Kashmiri Language of the Bāṇasūrakathā

12.30 Lunch

13.30 – Leonid Kulikov The Indo-Iranian myth of the primordial incest of Yamī and Yama and its (non-)Indo-European origins: From demonic to human sexuality?

14.00 – Robert Fulton Divide and Conquer, Unite and Transcend. Reading the Yoga Sutras in a Non-dualistic light

14.30 – Coffee break

15.00 – Aaricia Ponnet Morphosyntactic development in oral production data: differential case marking and agreement in Hindi as a heritage/second language

 15.30 – Eve Tignol Muslim mobilisation and the construction of New Delhi


16.00 – OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION (2nd Floor, Magnel-Rozier Corner of the Library)

16.30 – RECEPTION (Library Main Hall)

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